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2x Multi Pulse Plus Ultrasonic Solar Rodent Repeller Gr8 for Snake & Pest  Repellent  

Solar Snake Rodent Repellent is used very successfully to keep all poisonous snakes, rodents out of dog kennels, stables and your garden/yard.

This is a revolutionary device to drive those unwanted pests out of your yard for good! It does so in a safe, environmentally friend way. It works by transmitting a combination of sound waves and vibrations deep into the earth, which is very sensitive to the keen ear of rodents. It simulates danger to rodent nervous system, resulting in them fleeing away from the coverage area.

So whether it is mole or gopher that is doing damage to your beautiful lawn and landscaping, order solar rodent repeller today to get rid of them once and for all!

The solar rodent repeller is powered by a solar panel, and a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery (included). Ni-Cad battery is charged by solar energy during sunlight. Once fully charged, the battery can supply enough power during darkness to ensure a continuous around the clock operation.

·       Completely powered by Solar Energy
·       Complied with environmental criteria
·       Easy and safe to use
·       No Poison, No Chemical
·       Idea pest control device to keep snakes & other rodents away from your garden or lawns by utilizing both sound wave and vibration technology.

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